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WMDS, Inc., the owner of, owns the copyrights to all of the text, pictures and illustrations (file types: .png, .jpg, .gif .swf) found on its pages and some of the video content.

  • Many of these materials were purchased from the original developer of the website (DMHI, Inc.). They are all marked with a DMHI, Inc. copyright notice. (The copyrights to these materials have been formally registered with the United States Copyright Office.)
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3rd party embedded videos.

In addition to the above materials, the pages of contain many embedded videos. These are the property of those individuals and organizations that have created them.

To find out more about their ownership and copyright information, please examine the contents of the video itself, or use the "YouTube" link in the control section of each one and look for information there. (See below for more details.)

Authorship references.

Even though all of the content owned by WMDS, Inc. was actually made by individuals, these items are considered to be a product of employment. When this is the case, copyright law states that the employer/owner (WMDS, Inc.) is considered to be the "author" of the materials.

When citing a reference to these materials the following form would be appropriate:

Basic Form
WMDS, Inc. (Date [As found on the page that lists the reference sources for the topic. Look for a link to it very low down on the page you are citing.]). Page name. Retrieved [date] from [URL]

WMDS, Inc. (2004, June). A review of teeth whitening toothpastes. Retrieved June 16, 2015 from

DMCA information.

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