Details about the segment of this video we've selected.
  • As mentioned in our text, a mandibular (lower) first molar always has two roots.
  • It's expected that the mesial (front) root will have two canals.
  • The distal (rear-most) root typically just has one canal, but it may have two (which is the case with the tooth shown in this video).
  • That makes for a total of four root canals present in this lower first molar.

When viewing this video, look for the two separate pairs of openings. These are literally the holes in the floor of this tooth's pulp chamber that lead down into its roots' canals.

Other things to know.

It seems that most of the work that the dentist is performing in the portion of the video we've selected involves opening up and flaring the upper 1/2 or so of each of the individual canals. Doing so will aid in both the remainder of the process used to clean them, and then their sealing procedure to follow.

This video segment also shows the dental microscope that the dentist is using during this procedure. It's important that all of a tooth's root canals are located and treated. The extra magnification that the use of a microscope can provide aids with these tasks.

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