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Details about the segment of this video we've selected.
  • As mentioned in our text, an upper first premolar may have one or two roots. In this case, the tooth shown in the video seems to have just one (as evidenced by the x-rays of the tooth that are shown).
  • This one root, however, has two separate canals.

    (When viewing the segment of the video we've selected, you can see a "figure 8" shape inside the tooth. The two loop portions of the "8" are the openings where each root canal joins up with the tooth's pulp chamber.

Originally these two openings would have been substantially smaller in diameter. What you see in the portion of the video we've chosen is their shape after each root canal has been "worked." (Meaning instruments have been used inside each canal to clean it out and shape it, in preparation for the sealing process to follow.)

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