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This third video in our series explains the purpose of the seal that's created inside the tooth during the root canal process. (After cleaning out and disinfecting the tooth, sealing off its interior is the second basic goal of this procedure.)

Important points covered in the video -
  • The materials used to seal the tooth act as a barrier that stop contaminates from entering into or leaching out of it.

    That means the tooth will no longer be a refuge for, or a source of, irritants that can affect the tissues surrounding it. (The tooth and surrounding tissues complex is transformed from a unpredictable problematic status to a healthy predictable one.)

  • The integrity of the seal that your dentist creates directly correlates with the procedure's long-term success. That's because it's what prevents microorganisms and contaminates from reentering the tooth and reestablishing a diseased state and associated problems.
  • Just as important as the internal seal is the seal created by the final restoration that's placed in or on the tooth after its treatment has been completed.

    Seepage past a tooth's restoration is termed 'coronal leakage. Preventing it is vital in helping to insure the long-term success of the treatment the tooth has received.

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