Details about this video.

This is the initial segment of a 3-part series we created some years ago that outlines the goals and objectives of root canal therapy. While we do think each video does a good job of explaining its points, we wish the narration audio had been higher quality.

This first segment describes what part of the tooth is targeted for treatment. (Answer: The pulp chamber and root canals.)

Important points covered in the video -

The goals of endodontic therapy can only be met if all portions of the tooth's inner area are treated.

  • The level of difficulty of doing so varies according to the complexity of the internal anatomy of the tooth, which is a function of tooth type, number of roots, and number and condition of the root canals in each one.
  • In turn, treatment complexity directly correlates with factors such as the amount of appointment time needed (including number of visits) and the procedure's cost.

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