Learn about these dental issues and procedures!

▶  Dental Crowns

  • Choosing right kind of crown. - All crowns are not created equally. Learn the pros and cons of the different types, as well as the kinds of applications each is best suited for.
  • Selling old restorations. - Information about selling scrap dental work. How to. Which has value.

Animations explaining root canal treatment.

Video series: The root canal procedure.

▶  Root Canals

Learn all about root canal treatment - Why it's done. How it's done. Potential problems.

Topic: Using dental floss.

Instructional animations showing how to floss.

▶  Preventive Dentistry

▶  At-home Teeth whitening

Learn what your options are, including the advantages, disadvantages and side effects of each.

  • Tray whitening - The method that started the at-home trend. Due to its reputation for effectiveness, more dentists dispense this type of product to their patients than any other.
  • Whitening strips - The simplest, most popular at-home method. With some cases, the results it produces can rival tray whitening.
  • Paint-on whiteners - Although typically less effective than the above techniques, it's a great way to treat individual teeth.
  • Whitening toothpaste - Despite their advertising hype, these products aren't as effective as manufacturers would like you to believe. They probably don't even work the way you think they do.

▶  Cosmetic dentistry.

  • Smile makeovers. - Our collection of digital makeovers created for website visitors who have submitted their own photo. Our "after" pictures illustrate the type of results any general dentist should be able to get.
  • Porcelain veneers & Lumineers® - While both of these techniques can offer a relatively conservative way to make astounding improvements in the appearance of teeth, they're clearly oversold by manufacturers and dentists alike. Before choosing this option, make sure you understand the complete picture (advantages and disadvantages) and how it applies to your situation.

▶  Protective mouthguards.

  • Sports mouthguards. - If you're participating in a sport, and we mean pretty much any one, then you really should be wearing an athletic mouthguard.

    When it comes to the potential for tooth damage or loss, a stitch in time really does save nine. Learn about athletic mouthguards so you know that you're properly protected.